About entimOSS

Please Note: Our primary business site is now OpenNMS UK http://opennms.co.uk

Well executed Open Source Solutions can deliver greater value than other commercial models in terms of:

Although Open Source is typically thought of as a software development technique, the process, gift economies and relationships facilitated by open source have application in other creative and economic activities mediated by the internet

entimOSS helps communities and organisations to recognise and exploit the value available to them through the use of Open Source Solutions.

Target Markets

Telecoms and ICT

entimOSS is collaborating with the OpenNMS group  in the creation and support of open source operational support solutions for the telecoms and ICT industries. (www.opennms.org )
This is primarily targeted at users of the TMForum's SOA standards for telecommunications operators (www.tmforum.org ).


entimOSS is developing solutions for creating open source management of complex media environments


entimOSS is looking for ways to use open source projects as a means to facilitate both education and research

Voluntary Sector

entimOSS is Looking for ways to promote the use of open source to reduce the operational costs for organisations in the voluntary sector

Our primary site is now OpenNMS UK

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Did you Know?

The Greek word 'entimos' means 'something of great value'. This is reflected in the name of our organisation.